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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Well my supposedly "bulletproof" 5.9 Cummins needed injectors in under 200,000 miles and the parts alone were over $4000 (new Bosch injectors, new harness, and new gaskets) installed would have been $5000 even. So great, the Cummins goes 500,000 miles but I could have dropped a whole new Hemi in there at that point for less than just the Cummins injectors. My 3.0 TDI just got all new injectors at 80,000 miles and they are similar $400 each just for the part. Luckily that was done 100% under the extended dieselgate warranty. It's always something, expecting zero high dollar maintenance after 200,000 miles is unlikely.
Notice I did not include FCA or isuzu. Never a fan of cummins, always a CAT person. HMMM perhaps low milage stop starts affect injectors. Will advise when any of my FI stuff needs injectors in the next say ten years or so.

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