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3 stage vtec
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The engine in the HX is a D16y5. It uses vtec in a different way than other vtec engines. During low RPM and low throttle the engine only uses 1 of the intake valves while the other barely opens to create a swirl for combustion. It also uses an expensive wide band o2 sensor so the computer can engage in lean burn operation, and and EGR to reduce combustion chamber temperatures. This is what give the car engine such amazing gas mileage. The gear ratios in the HX are the same as the DX. In higher RPM around 2700 vtec is engaged and both intake valves work in unison making the engine just like your stock engine. To swap this engine in you will need the complete engine of course, the computer and engine harness. Unlike many previous hondas you can remove the engine harness from the car will relative ease, so no splicing or cutting of the wiring is necessary. If you are lucky you will be able to find the motor complete with all sensors intake saving you money. Everything else will be reused from your vehicle (radiator, hoses, motor mounts ect...). If gas mileage is your goal use a transmission out of a 92-95 civic vx/cx it has longer gears and a better overdrive. From my experience on the highway at 60mph 49mpg is possible and with the vx transmission 55+ is possible. Hope this helps.
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