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side profiles

Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
You have made a long list of cars. Are you saying they all have identical side profiles?

Yes, this sort of thing was often said in the past. Even now people write how all cars look alike because of aerodynamics. It's pretty odd, because I see cars that look completely unlike and yet have low drag.

Obviously I don't have the perspicacity then. Can you quote some page numbers?

Why aren't I surprised that you've now got into conspiracy theories...

No, it (the template) represents an example of a discussion group going down a rabbit hole where a theory was developed without a lot of evidence - and then grabbed joyfully because of its simplicity.
* The emphasis is on the aft-body profile since that's where the drag is.
* All the cars listed, with the exception of the SolarWorld GT virtually fit the 'template.' The contours may deviate for some of the span, yet recover before the separation occurs.
* I devoted an entire thread to Hucho's references.
* It's extremely disrespectful calling names,when you haven't done your due diligence in investigating my line of logic.
* Your behavior does evoke the conclusion that you're devoid of perspicacity,otherwise,your reading of Hucho would have brought you to the same conclusions. Gumby 79 made an interesting observation about connecting dots.
* I've no recollection of ever suggesting or advocating for any conspiracy theory, other than illustrating with H. Schmude's comment to Walter Korff about no need of designers if all car were completely streamlined. But then we run into the perspicacity issue. Jesus taught us not to cast pearls before swine. For that, I do own guilt.
* If, presuming that you do indeed possess critical thinking skills, will go back and read my posts concerning the 'template', you'll find a complete narrative,with all the citations from Hucho, which explain it's derivation.
* I can't comprehend it for you though.
* And if you continue to attack me,I'm going to petition the moderators to give you some cool-down time, off, with which you can consider the tone of your language.
* If you were a PhD mechanical engineer,with a decade of experience running a world-class wind tunnel, it'd be one thing, or self-educated to that degree of mastery, but your comments belie a deficiency in the most basic,fundamental understanding, under girding road vehicle aerodynamics.
* All I'm experiencing is fear-based, dominance rituals,from a non-alpha wannabe, perhaps terrified of losing guru status, and loss of book sales if the secret were to get out. We've tried to help you out with some science, only to have our gifts thrown back in our face and then spit on. Maybe that's the custom in Australia. ' don't know.
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