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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Arguing against the 'template' with the 'template' is some sort of weird circular- logical cul de' sac.
How on earth is showing four different shapes, all with low drag, somehow arguing for a single template?

That's the point - to suggest that a single shape is "the best" is pretty silly.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
* I've no recollection of ever suggesting or advocating for any conspiracy theory, other than illustrating with H. Schmude's comment to Walter Korff about no need of designers if all car were completely streamlined.
I'll remind you then:

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Hucho targeted 'designers' with his textbooks. Anyone who's read his books, whom possesses any perspicacity, will be fully aware of the 'template.'
Since the existence of the 'template' threatens their very existence,do you believe that they would openly discuss it?
I'd call the idea that professional aerodynamacists don't discuss the template "because it threatens their existence" a pretty good example of a conspiracy theory.
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