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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
That's your belief? I think you mean you don't PREFER them. But they are effective. The tests of the various boat tail projects modeled on the angles and compound curves of the template that I posted and that you admitted you were not surprised would show a benefit demonstrate that one can use the template to effecctively modify road vehicles for greatly reduced drag. The Gen1 Insight projects of Botsapper and MetroMPG on this site reported 9 to 15% improvements in FE in testing. They proved its an effective approach.
Well I did ask you for links to threads where there had been proper testing of various different template style shapes for real car modification, but you didn't reply.

Yes, I think following a template in the mistaken belief that will get you a stellar outcome is wasting people's time. Far better that they do some testing and find out what is optimal on their cars.

As for your examples, as I've already said - if the extension has attached flow down to a smaller wake, I'd expect pretty good results... template or no template.

To make it categorically clear, I think posting a template for car shape on a discussion group and very strongly implying that it is the best shape for people to follow (no matter their car) is misleading and wasteful of people's time.

It might have been helpful in a past era when testing panel pressures, drag and lift were difficult, but that is not the case now.
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