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The template is just like any other rule of thumb in car modification.

Like, run 12.5:1 air/fuel ratio for best power.
(In fact, you'll often find that best power comes from AFRs that are not 12.5:1. It depends on the engine.)

Or, suspension natural frequency should be 1:1.3 front/rear.
(Yes, if you want to reduce pitch. But sometimes you'll find that pitch accelerations are the least of your worries.)

Or, size your turbo so that you get peak torque by 1/3rd redline rpm.
(That's one I like but for many people, it will limit top-end power too much.)

Rules of thumb are useful for people who have no idea at all, but in nearly every case, where you can do some testing on your own vehicle, you'll achieve better results than by using rules of thumb.

And the beauty of aero modification is that it's so easy to test different approaches on your car.

(And I am sorry, but citing a modification and then saying 'it worked' is not evidence that the approach is the best. I could say that about 12.5:1 AFR, 1:1.3 natural frequency, or turbo sizing. "It works!")
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