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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I already know all that Julian, as do lots of people. It takes no special training. And it's beside the point. I showed you tests of applications and not mere vivid assertion of success and what's best for all vehicles in all circumstances. You have a crappy method of of dialogue, dude. Didactic condescension like this is a real turn off. Good luck with that book you're selling.
I am sorry that you cannot see the parallels. The template is a good example of a rule of thumb being applied to car modification. People love rules of thumb in car modification because they are easy, but in every area of car modification that I know of, testing beats rules of thumb every time.

(And so far, you haven't shown me even one test where different 'template approaches' were compared. You've shown me some successful outcomes that followed one template, and said: there you are. I could equally show you an engine successfully running 12.5:1 AFR and say: there you go.)

I think that rules of thumb in all areas of car modification should be avoided, as they often deceive as much as they enhance knowledge. In my car modification books I avoid using rules of thumb as much as possible.

In fact I'd go further: as soon as you see a rule of thumb stated in any area of car modification, be very skeptical.
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