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Oops I did it again

Haha, love diesel's low heat rejection efficiency. Looking forward to ABA testing with the intercooler and other lower grille blocks. Upper is "temporary." Also have a gap to fill on the driver side one.

Update: I went to measure for a muffler and before I knew it the sawzall was out and the 19lb behemoth was on the ground My hypothesis was: based on its excessive size, it was designed to cancel out low frequency more than make it quieter. It now spools even quicker and has the exact sound I was going for. Total volume still about the same inside so I guess I'm done for now! Planning to make a high velocity tip to get the vapors out safely since they are dumping around the rear axle.

This was inspired by some work where the author measured pressure drop across the MK4 TDI flow path on the air and exhaust sides. The muffler had the most restriction, and it appears the most weight. I'm really stoked about how this car is coming along. Next step I want to pay Malone to work on the low/mid maps to wring as much mpg as possible. It currently has injectors, injection pump, and the stage 1,5 tune. Because of all the fueling mods I believe there is room to improve.

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