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Ok, with this approach:

Fit fin-type vortex generators on the hood in front of the windscreen to change A-pillar separation and so reduce susceptibility to crosswinds.

I don't think they will work.

1. Car stability is most determined by the lateral centre of pressure location. If the car turns away from wind gusts (most common), you need to move the centre of pressure rearwards. Rear fins are the easiest way of doing this, and in my testing on a Gen 1 Insight, have worked extremely well.

2. Separated flow on the downwind side of the car will, however also cause instability (as you earlier indicated). The yaw angle at which downwind side separation occurs depends on:

- the shape of the front corner of the car
- the shape of the A pillar
- the surface roughness of the side of the car

The only thing that your vortex generators could impact on this list is the behaviour of the A pillar - and the hood location is a long way from the A pillar.

I'd try the VGs on the A pillars and the front corners of the car.

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