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Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
I wish I was studying this.. it would be more fun. It's just a hobby.

So, from #1 I understand that VGs will "attract" the center of pressure toward their downstream area.
And from #2 I understand that what I was going to do could easily (when overdone) worsen the crosswind instability by keeping the center of pressure even more off.

I was also considering directly placing them on the A-pillar which would also deal with the buffeting with open window at medium to high speeds. So I start at the bottom of A-pillar and where should I stop? For some reason I feel putting them on the roof between the top of B and C-pillars would be effective.

Speaking of 1G Insight, are you the person who wrote Autospeed blog? That's where I read about the idea to place airtabs under the car.

Feel free to consider this fairy tale but I have experienced surprisingly good mpg as I increased crusing speed a bit which made my rpm higher so the BSFC was actually lowered more than the increased drag so I got better MPG going faster than usual.

I recognize those VGs. I considered them at one point but they were too big and thick for my taste so I passed and then they went out of business so yeah.

I tend to believe VGs near trailing edges of box shapes reducing drag (probably due to reading Airtab marketing material too much) but trying to work with a sedan I feel there are a lot more that I should consider but don't even know.
When I increased cruising speed before, I would get significantly worse average round trip gas mileage in the 40s, I would have to slow down to get 50s. now it's in the 50s consistently and I'm getting what Toyota says I should get in the City at highway speeds. Also, they are still selling these things on Amazon where I got a 6 pack for 11 bucks. My goal was purely for crosswinds which these actually do a pretty good job at. My theory was the curved rear window down the middle of the prius prime would benefit as the angling I used was similar to the Prius TRD setup.
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