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2020 Hyundai 'Prophecy' concept

On page 29 of the July,2020, MOTOR TREND, are a couple of pics of their new concept.
She's a 'looker', and the author mentioned ' great lengths to minimize aero drag to maximize its range............. carefully swept-back tail to keep airflow attached as long as possible.'
There are pages of photos online.
With homage to the 911, Tesla,and M-B IAA, I'm uncertain what the drag could be. The existence of a rear spoiler suggests some aero compromise. No mirrors.
Windscreen looks like compound curvature. Small wheel arch gaps. Rear boat-tailing seems too aggressive.
She might make potential Porsche Taycan buyers take a look.
If they ever produced it, as a Hyundai partner, Canoo, BEV.

Photobucket album:
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