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It's very hard to argue when everything I write is twisted to suit your particular model of reality.

I've said it all before but I'll try again.
This is a general problem in society in general. Scott Adams describes it as two movies on one screen. Trying again will be futile.

Dueling walls o' text. My eyes glazed over. Do you guys use speech-to-text?

The only reason I got to the bottom because of the first line:
When this topic came up it triggered something we talked about back in 5/16/2009, when Ernie Rogers shared his thread,'Describing my Beetle wing ( VW New Beetle)',here at EcoModder.
Good practice would be to provide a link:

Beetle drag reducer picks up 5 to 8 %
I'll just point out another Ecomodder thread: Compact camper alternative: New Beetle TDI with hard mounted pop up tent Permalink #15
Beetle w/o any attachments/slick top= ave 48mpg :{)
Beetle with factory VW Roof racks and CVT tent= 38mpg :/
Beetle with new areo-hitch mounted rack/CVT tent= 49.3MPG WhoooRah!
That is a gain of 11.3 mpg boys and girls!
Unfortunately, the pix were hosted on tinypic.

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