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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I don't know if aerohead [as OP] can edit the thread title; it may take the mods. Worth fixing though.

The tight surface development over the rear wheel wells seems helpful for reducing the wake, compared with the 'shoulders' or 'haunches' on cars like 1967 Impala or 2010 Dodge Charger.
The car is a Jaray, Combination-form hybrid. The lower body is pure Jaray, whereas the greenhouse lacks Jaray's plan-view boat-tailing solution.
The side elevation contour is too 'fast,' exceeding 23-degrees,producing separation,vorticity, and the famous fastback downwash; like the Porsche 911. And like the 911 Carrera, uses the spoiler as a palliative to address the flow separation.
Without a true-length overhead plan-view, it's hard to know if the boat-tailing of the rear fenders exceeds what the flow can survive.
The rear slanting truncation is a lineal descendant of Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3/ Mercedes- Benz IAA.
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