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Show us your work. Copy your failure and paste into a QUOTE and change that to CODE to preserve formatting so we can see what you get; else just post a fail.

If you can't even past, that is a local problem. A workaround would be to transcribe the link by hand. Tedious, I know; but the machine works for you, d*mmit!

On topic: I trust those tufts on the 911 are pasted down by inward rolling vortexes. The invisibility of that process is why no-one could explain the efficacy of the Herrod Helper. It's worth was proven on -mile tracks.

Originally Posted by DDG
Two Larrys Racing - Legendary Herrod Helper
Two Larrys Racing - Legendary Herrod Helper
The Herrod Helper was so beneficial, that it was banned for a time in circle track racing. Hot VW Magazine recently conducted a study on their gas mileage engine to see if the Herrod Helper really does make a difference. They found that it does, with 2+ miles per gallon.
I just remembered, somewhere I have a beige plastic wing off a GTI or something. I could put that on the Superbeetle.

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