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Reprogramming cruise control.

Stock factory cruise control is set up to maintain constant speed. Obviously this is not best for economy.

While pulse and glide has its definite advantages, a long drive in a truck pulling a trailer is mentally and physically exhausting to P&G.

Next to P&G, constant throttle position seems to be the best option for trucking. I've been thinking of ways to set the throttle. A simple solution would be a manual cable that could be adjusted to hold the throttle at a constant position. The problem with simple is that it is also dumb. If I need to hit the brakes or suddenly give extra throttle or do extra throttle but then want the throttle back to the preset, a manual cable adjustment doesn't cut it.

If the cruise control could be reprogrammed to maintain constant throttle position instead while leaving the other features more or less unchanged? That would give push button step-up or step-down of throttle position, allow manual pedal control for those times when it is needed, trip the cruise off on brake light on conditions, etc.

Anybody tried this? And if you have, how do you go about reprogramming the cruise control? I tried talking this over with my local Toyota service mechanic and he just stared at me like I was from Mars.

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