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Porsche Taycan

Dr Thomas Wolf (head of Porsche aero) just sent me the tech paper on the Taycan, as presented at the 2019 FKFS conference. Very nice of him - and very exciting!

They're obviously keeping a lot under cover as despite being 28 pages long, there is a fair bit that is just skated over. However, there's certainly enough for me to do multiple videos, which I will.

But one thing immediately stands out - that shape develops a fair amount of lift but in eco mode (no rear spoiler deployment) has the lowest drag.

With the rear spoiler deployed, Cd increases substantially (from 0.22 to 0.27!) but rear lift drops to near zero.

They don't give clear CLf and CLr figures but they can be worked out pretty well by interpreting front/rear lift balance graphs. (It's complicated by the 'active' aero components - front shutters x 4 and rear spoiler).

Modifying the Aerodynamics of Your Road Car

"Your book is unique! It was high time that someone covered vehicle aerodynamics through the practical eyes of someone like you." - Dr Wolf-Heinrich Hucho, the founder of modern vehicle aerodynamics

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