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No brakes on that clock.

I didn't know which was the band and which was the song, so:
Beelzebubba is the fourth full-length studio album by the American satirical punk rock band The Dead Milkmen, released in 1988. The album received strong reviews. The album features their best-known song, "Punk Rock Girl." In 1989, the Dead Milkmen released the Smokin' Banana Peels EP, which contained several remixes of the song "Smokin' Banana Peels." It also featured several previously unreleased songs.Wikipedia
Darwin's troubadours. What do you think, was the whole Tide Pod thing another part of the [apparently decades long] Conspiracy? To prime the [stomach] pump? Bored is the trigger word?

Consider the concept— that there is a fluorescent gas that is not Mercury vapor that has a favorable LD50. I think it's genius, but I'm not stable.


Cold hearted orb that rules the night, Removes the colours from our sight, Red is grey and yellow white, But we decide which is right, And which is an illusion.
The Day Begins -- Moody Blues