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filling or 'lofting'

Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
There must be a better term or description for this.

I have called "filling out the template profile" in the past.

I'd like to call it a "flicker" or "lick" because these rear Bonneville like trays flick up and lick the edge of the aero-template.
This would be a pretty good word. This is what Kamm/ Fachsenfeld did at FKFS to create the 'Kamm-back.' Take the low-Verjungungsverhaltnisse Jaray body and loft its aft-body up to the 'template' contour. It gives you more useful internal volume, kills separation, kills lift,to make a 'neutral' lift body.
Drag coefficient is dependent upon the Vergungungsverhaltnisse (the ratio of the length of the aft-body,divided by the body height (not the overall height of the car), presented as a ratio. The lowest drag is achieved at V = 5:1.
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