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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
* Two inches ( 50.8 mm ) would put it about right on 'template.' It's a heavy car. Nobody has complained about high speed stability.
I am sorry but this is becoming quite ridiculous.

Let's look at the actual facts.

1. As you'd expect from that high camber shape and attached flow, the Taycan has - even with the flat underfloor that would be offsetting a lot of it - front and rear lift. eg Clr = 0.16.

2. As you'd expect, that is an unacceptable amount of rear lift, so Porsche fit a rear deployable spoiler. That starts to rise from 90 km/h (56 mph). The spoiler position passes through three stages, and at its most deployed, drops CLr to 0.01 - ie basically no rear lift.

3. Nobody has complained about high-speed stability because the spoiler is deployed, massively reducing rear lift.

This idea that you keep pushing, that 'the template' will have low/no lift, is simply completely wrong. My on-road pressure measurements have shown your theory of how lift occurs on modern cars is wrong, and (what a surprise!) the Porsche Taycan shows that as well.

I don't care what you believe, but when you start leading others astray, that's not right.
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