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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
His criminal record shows otherwise.
He wasn't a bunch, he was one guy, IN HANDCUFFS, during the whole incident! And he may have had priors, but he was not posing as a thug during the arrest, he was in HANDCUFFS!

Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
A large amount of the so-called "protesters" are. They're just using the death of someone else as an excuse to commit crimes, because they're either following a herd-effect or already had a desire to raise all hell and just needed a random excuse that would be endorsed by the media.
When I mention countless others I am not talking about rioters and looters, I'm talking about people like this:

And I could spend all week posting more links to video, I couldn't even find the ones I was originally thinking of because they are too many, a video of a specific killing is too hard to find because there are too many!

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