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2011 Manual Forester

Hey y’all,
I have a 2011 Subaru Forester 2.5X 5M/T.
When I bought it (my second Forester now) I set a goal of sub 3,000lbs just to say I did it with full interior and accessories.
So far I’ve lost about 150lbs, leaving me another 100lbs to go. (Rated curb 3250lb).

The car is a ton of fun to drive and has plenty of pep, and while I will not call myself a true ecomodder (I have a lead foot after all), I do enjoy occasionally trying to best my mpg records.
My most recent trip showed 25.2mpg Highway @ 80mph average. (Boooooo!)
And I typically earn 24.3mpg average mixed between city/highway.
I’m just here to learn a few things, I currently don’t have any under trays and am running sticky, wide tires.

I have a few other four wheeled toys as well, if anyone likes rotaries we’ll be friends, lol.

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