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Originally Posted by TKWPrime View Post
The problem with simple is that it is also dumb. If I need to hit the brakes or suddenly give extra throttle or do extra throttle but then want the throttle back to the preset, a manual cable adjustment doesn't cut it.
It really comes down to the first case. A Manual Throttle Stop Cable works fine in the later two cases.
Here is ASCII art representing a manual throttle cable installation in three different states of operation.
1 ....[|================#==-------!-c--
2 [----|================#==----!c--
3 [----|================#==--!--c--

. keeps things aligned - 'cause BB software eats multiple blanks
[ handle of the throttle cable.
| the dash board
= spiral housing of the throttle cable
# a clamp
- solid wire at the core of the throttle cable
! throttle linkage that the throttle cable wire passes through.
c stop to actuate the throttle linkage.
1) Represents the cable not in use.
2) Represents the cable in use.
3) Represents the cable in use while the driver elects to use additional foot throttle. This case works because the throttle cable passes through the linkage but does not attach to the linkage.
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