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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I may be ignorant, but I would imagine the ratio of charge to discharge is probably the most important factor (as an indicator of internal resistance?), not necessarily the capacity difference itself. As for picking a percent, I'm also interested in S Keith's opinion.
Your speculation is incorrect. The ratio of the two has almost nothing to do with internal resistance and is more dependent on connection quality and the charging algorithm. While one can argue since the same charger is being used on the same sticks, then that shouldn't matter. That's not correct. The connection quality of these chargers is terrible. Most 4mm bullet connectors and all alligator clips are completely unreliable when looking for consistency in a -dV charge cut off.

This all comes back around to the fact that he's using a toy that's essentially worthless for this exercise.

If one has consistent and reliable connections, then the ratio of the two can be meaningful in identifying outliers. With his setup, it's more likely to mean, he's using alligator clips and/or the stock garbage 4mm bullets.

B6 is GREAT for recharging RC batteries. It's a waste of money and a massive waste of time in testing HV battery modules. Not talking out my a$$. I have about 40 of them and learned the hard way.
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