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HP to the salt

Originally Posted by j-c-c View Post
My suspicion on the vette on the flats, there is a lot of effort there to gain rear DF with the least amount of drag within the rules, being getting HP to the salt is difficult at high speeds with OEM body shape. My guess, drag reduction was the lesser goal.
1) it's not unusual for many of the cars to experience wheelspin, even at the 8-Mile, for the power-to-weight ratios they have.
2) if the car gets sideways, it's aspect ratio, as a crude wing, can increase by an order of magnitude.
3) in 2014, a 1991 Corvette, which had been two ahead of me at DARKO, got sideways at the finish at World of Speed,at 231-mph, going airborne about ten feet in the air, doing a reverse-half-somersault, landing on its roof. The car was trashed, and driver shook for over a half hour afterwards, brought to tears by the event.
4) all those capping plates on the Vinson car give it a bit of weather-vaning capability, and if the driver is quick enough they can get the parachute(s) out in time to save the car.
5) the 'Bonneville' spoiler also helps the pilot chutes to find clean air for rapid chute deployment.
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