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By exploit, I think they mean a pathway for software hacking. But I am not sure.
It's the thin edge of their wedge. Monkey-wrenching and trolling.

I'm just going by what you posted about them. But I can see the pattern.

End Federal Funding for Critical Theory in Higher Education
Created by M.L. on June 20, 2020

Critical Theory and its descendants are destroying the United States of America from the inside. These courses/degree programs add no value to the American economy, and actively work to divide the country.

End all Federal grants, loans, or assistance to these disciplines - and restore the value of our once prestigious institutions.
It's only a petition. They have one month to get 100,000 signatures.

Currently listening to Joe Rogan interviewing Brett Weinstein. It about critical theory and how 'science is racist'.

Critical perspectives would not be looking for a singular "planetary" context with prescriptive implications
Fuller didn't consider a singular context, he re-considered "an Integral of Truths". He rewrote the Lord's Prayer every night as a self-discipline.

Look at what I found — a seven minute Youtube video from 2011 with only 19[+] views!

Rethinking_The_Lord's_Prayer_by_Buckminster_Fuller .flv

Andrej Karpathy: If you bombard Earth with photons long enough eventually it will emit a Tesla.


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