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I'm tracking my fuel consumption by an app called Fuelio and when I filled up yesterday I was expecting to see 18-19 MPG at best. I wonder if I can add all the historic data in the log here.

An extra improvement was losing 70 lbs of weight (left is new, right is old):

I'm curious to compare with the street tires and aero mods, but it will have to wait until August for data, until then I have offroad trips planned.

As for comparison, this WJ has shown slightly worse highway mileage than my old one, same engine and same aero mods. Maybe the transfer case on this new WJ one had a lot more drag than the old WJ one.

Not even a close comparison, but in my old WJ I had a trip which was 200 miles highway, 80 miles offroad and I averaged 18.66 MPG. Smaller mud terrain tires and no aero.
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