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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Well, I've gone over the car, and I don't think it needs ANY repairs to pass inspection. That's exceedingly rare for the kinds of cars I tend to buy!

I was honestly expecting the front brakes to be trashed (rusted) after sitting for almost a year outside, un-used, at the car dealership. The outer rim of the rotor was definitely crusty, but I went at them with a file & wire wheel and they cleaned up reasonably well. Lots of meat left on the pads, and the calipers & slidey pins are all good too.

This is the worst thing wrong with the car:

Driver's side floor mat is trashed! Left heel hole? I've never seen that before. (Neither has Mitsubishi, or they would have made the heavy-duty portion a bit wider!)

The cheap, thin, mouse fur carpeting is worn off the dead pedal area too.
Ewwww someone was riding the clutch on that car.
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