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1999 Acura EL or Civic EX sedan - dropping Cd from 0.33 to below 0,20

Welcome to my 21 years car improvement adventure,

I am starting this thread to report on the evolution and advancement of the modifications brought to my 1999 Acura EL. The Acura EL was built with the same engine and basically the same mechanical components as the Honda Civic EX Sedan in North America. The EL was, on the outside, a replica of the Honda Domani in Japan but with a North American power plant. The EL was only marketed in Canada.

I am the first owner of the car purchased in July 1999.

Cd = 0,32 1996-2000 Honda Civic sedan

Cd=0,34 estimated by automobile-catalog

Engine D16Y8 stock, 5 gears manual

Tires: 195-55R15 (wider than the 14 inches tires on most Civic of the time)

Tire pressure : 32 psi all around

Weight with only the driver : 2550 lbs

Mileage Canada Energy - Same as EPA

Highway 7,5 L/100km, City 9,7 L/100 Km, Combined 9,7 L/100 km
Highway 24 mi/US Galon, City 31 mi/US Gal, Combined 27 mi/US gal

Year 2019, Spring to Fall, not used in winter, combined mileage 6,9 L/100 Km

Actual odometer reading in excess of 232 000 Km, 144 000 miles

Even compressions, no oil burn, LRR General Tire RT43, new brakes all around

YEAR 2020 GOAL :
Bring combined mileage down from 6,9 L/100 Km to 5,4 L/100: from 34.1 mpg to 43,6 mpg US or better.

Since 1999, the car went through different phases of modifications.

(Continued on next entry)

Welcome to my 21 years car improvement adventure,


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