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Phase 3: 1999 Acura EL and Civic EX sedan

Phase 3. Mods inspired by products claims and performance magazines and forums

After retiring in the end of 2011, I decided on the pass time of working on this Acura EL aging car. The car had always had a good handling. It was fun for sporty high speed driving. It is even the only car I did not fall asleep in! And it needed love.

I started to read the forums on mods like turbo and cold air intakes and lighter wheels and low rolling tires and whatever could make more power. This "grocery getter" was not peppy enough on hilly roads and that bugged me. Also the car was less silent than in its first years. Noisy is not comfortable.

So, I started with the sound insulation stuff and spent most of 2012 season. The sound proofing allowed to determine the performance summer tires were the main culprit to my ears discomfort. I decided the car was having some rust and having a second car the Acura could rest during the winter.

2013-2014 money scarce in retirement. Still, I procured and installed a short cold air intake instead of the air box and got some mileage improvement. I later discovered in my readings that the short cold air intake is rather a warm air intake allowing less dense air to enter the cylinders. It probably also helped me realize that more power requires both more air and more gas. Thus, pursuing the power development, I was abandoning my old goal of better mileage.

2015 a new complete body repair and paint job, lighter alloy wheels and low rolling tires. Wow, the little Acura is getting peppier! Less weight and low rolling tires and the car accelerates better and mileage improve again.

2016-2017 The winter last almost 6 months in Quebec City Canada. It is a long time to read and decide on maintenance and checks and also decide if the car is worth continuing on improvements.

Also, during the fall of 2016, I went to work on my brother in-law pickup and got back into self confidence that I can maintain and most of the time fix my cars myself. I worked on his clogged plastic engine air intake manifold, a complete engine tune-up, complete rear drum brakes job. I guided myself with Youtube and the likes of Chrisfix, EricTheCarGuy and others.

So, I entered phase 4. Mods inspired by solid advice


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