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AcuraMatata - '99 Acura EL Base
90 day: 42.17 mpg (US)

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90 day: 22.35 mpg (US)
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Phase 4: 1999 Acura EL and Civic EX sedan

4. Mods inspired by solid advice : EricTheCarGuy and (J.Edgar)

First 4 wheels brake job in this Acura life (221 341 Km)

Reduce lost power and fuel wasted
Polishing activities are borrowed from the performance phase

- Throttle cable readjusted
- Air conditioner compressor and fan control: switch off under heavy load
- Air conditioner cabin temperature controlled by thermostat
- Fuel injectors checked and cleaned
- Ground cables and fixing points checked for continuity and cleaned
- Original fuel filter replaced (221 341 Km)
- Throttle body cleaned and polished (new gasket)
- Intake manifold mouth and part of runners polished (new gasket)
- Knock sensor replaced (broke when intake manifold removed)
- Intake air control valve replaced (from junk yard)
- Air intake mouth relocated to bottom front grille (highest pressure zone)

- Upper grille blocked, lower grille partly blocked
- Air dam (lawn edging) first part of season
- Homemade front bumper lip and spoiler replacing air dam
- Home made side skirts (house vinyl siding board)
- Rear trunk lid low height spoiler from junkyard Civic 2006
- Splash guards removed on 4 wheels

Unfortunately no partner to perform tuft tests, just observations and mileage logging

Engine withstands lower revs cruising in all gears
Acura gear change recommended RPM is 3000 passing 1st to 5th gear
Now gear change as low as 2200 RPM, cruise as low as 1600 RPM

Car is far more stable in cross wind or being passed by a large vehicle (both ways)

Engine coolant temperature is affected by the upper grille block but is maintained between 87 and 95 Celsius on the highway. I remember from reading Julian Edgar in that engine coolant temperature between 90 and 95 Celsius is optimum for combustion thus for power and mileage.

Measures and data logging
Android phone using “Torque Pro” app to improve driving skills and check on engine operating parameters like coolant temperature, GPS speed, RPM

Mileage from fill logging, highway speed around 100 Km/h – 61 mph, summer driving

Best mileage highway with air dam : 4,48 L/100 Km, 499 Km ride (52 mpg US, 310 miles)

Best mileage with front bumper spoiler 4,74 L/100 Km, 523 km ride (50 mpg, 325 mi)

Season mileage combined: 6,9 L/100 Km, 8240 Km (34,1 mpg US, 5120 miles)

Mileage Canada Energy - Same as EPA

Highway 7,5 L/100km, City 9,7 L/100 Km, Combined 9,7 L/100 km
Highway 24 mi/US Galon, City 31 mi/US Gal, Combined 27 mi/US gal

6,9 L/100 Km combined vs EPA estimate 9,7 L/100 Km, I am winning!

Planned modifications not performed

Replace 195-55R15 tires by 195-65R15 tires:higher, narrower, larger diameter for lower revs at same speed

Catalytic converter and muffler not replaced to accommodate 2.25 inches headers and tail pipe to reduce exhaust restriction - improve gas flow

Continued with phase 5. Aero dynamics improvements

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