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I did a 3-stage d15 in a 93 civic sedan and easily got 52@70. As long as it was in 3-valve mode it did well. It would go into lean burn.

This is the base K20a econo 3-valve-4-valve engine. I picked it because I felt at the time it had the best chance of high mpg.
Don’t remember the size right now but put 15” oversized wheels/tires on it. Diameter is about 1” bigger. Pressured to 40
Right now it does 70 at about 2200. I upped the vtec threshold to 3000.

Been in the shop since January for little things like minor vibration, sound deadening, rsx cruise, and climate control ac.
Hoping to get it out real soon as I miss driving it.

A diesel dodge tried to smoke me out one day....
89 teg d16dohc in 86 crx
3 stage “dual vtec” in 93 civic
B20 in 97 civic
K20a3 in 02 insight.
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