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Be happy to share whatever I have.
Gotta prove it works first. Honda schematics (via all data) had connector c710 (under airbag) wired wrong. Had to go in and correct that. Itís up on jackstands now maybe try it out today. Of all Hondaís Iíve played with this has been the most difficult. (But with adhd and advanced age, maybe Iím the problem!)
Variable intake runners are good for a bit more torque down low. Itís the long runners I was after. I donít really care about it shifting-donít wind it out that much.
Absence of balance shafts may be contributing to vibration at 1800 which is 65mph. I tried to balance out the motor mounts but havenít tested it yet on the road. The rear and left mounts are stock. The right is innovative (just the mount). I drilled holes in it to soften it up.
Yeah the tires are craigslist Firestoneís. After install got left hand torque steer. Even swapped left/right. Stock tires did not. Go figure! The wheels are 99civic si.

Iím using Dakota digital vss converter.
89 teg d16dohc in 86 crx
3 stage ďdual vtecĒ in 93 civic
B20 in 97 civic
K20a3 in 02 insight.

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