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Thank you freebeard for helping the masses navigate life and ecomodder.

@ACEL You can post here freely. Welcome to the site. Thank you for the info! I love your Acura! If they made the Acura EL in the USA they might have called it the Civic XXL

I'm more of a fan or follower of ecomodder then a innovator, more the sledgehammer type instead of the scalpel type. I figured the least I could do is document my personal ride.

The upper grill does look ugly but it is very effective! Internal Air Temp is sky high and she gets up to temp in no time and stays at temp!
This little 1.6l with full open grills and lots of coasting and low engine speed the water temp cools off in no time. I could leave it 100% blocked for my normal daily driving only when I take a several hour non-stop high-speed highway roadtrip ill have to remove the grill block. 206F or 96.6C is the highest I've seen the temp.

My daily driver vehicle of choice. Small but just big enough for 4 people with stuff. 4 doors, Double Wishbone Suspension, under 2900lbs/1315kg, manual transmission, full engine power on tap (high 7K redline) High part compatibility with other years or models, High availabtity in junkyards worldwide. Its a great car! Always enjoy driving it!
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