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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
In other words, piston ring blowby into oil in the crankcase instead of valve stem seal leakage of oil into the combustion chamber when the car is off, yes? I guess a leaking head gasket could also allow high pressure combustion gasses into the oil passages, too. But the oil would not likely be high pressure enough to cross through the head gasket into the combustion chamber, would it?
So: I am waaay too dyslexic to be on this forum..... the actual intent was to indicate that zero consumption is a myth, the oil is being added to by the things you indicate above. Quick test would be an analysis.

The valve system leaks both ways, oil to cylinder, combustion products back. Unless you are running sealing style rings, there is a huge leak down at the gap, particularly when the gaps align. I have not experienced a sloppy head gasket, never owned an aluminum block motor except for VW.
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