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Tim Pool says it's headed to the suburbs. You saw the couple on the front lawn in their bare beet demonstrating poor muzzle and trigger discipline?

Here's the story from the Register-Guard two days ago: Black Lives Matter marches in Thurston area, faces counterprotesters in downtown Springfield

This also happened: Police supporters face off against counter protesters in Springfield — June 23, 2020 at 12:01 am

This also happened:
Originally Posted by DDG
Eugene transgender advocacy group hosts protest march: 'We have always been an interconnected movement'
The Register-Guard on|3 days ago
Local transgender advocacy group Transponder hosted a protest march Saturday that traveled from Kesey Square in downtown Eugene, through the Saturday Market and to the U.S. Courthouse. The group hosted the march "to honor the trans lives that have been lost,
I think that maybe there was a 9pm curfew [again] in Eugene. If they marched from Thurston to the city hall, that's quite a hike. My TDS-ridden friend likes to call it 'the longest Main Street in the US[of]A'.
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