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Loved the beginning of the video. Sheer genius, bravo!

I disapprove of violations of 4 U.S. Code  8. If the flag were disrespected as part of political speech, that would be one thing: I can respect an enemy and appreciate it when he telegraphs his intentions. Disrespecting it as an act of "celebrating" it is just sad. I'm giving these people the benefit of the doubt because of their earlier musical genius- there's a chance that they're trolling us, hiding their disrespect of the flag behind their love of shooting guns. But it still looks bad. I love my country more than I love guns: one is simply a tool, one is my country.

I frown on automatic fire. Area effect is best when limited, and has no place at all in civilian life even if you're resisting the gubmint. Really, the best way to resist our government is to place your body in its way, not to shoot at low end government workers (or to forcibly occupy a bird sanctuary). It's best to suppress your love of shooting guns and focus on good effects downrange. Unless you're a Murrican with no philosophy who just loves shooting things, in which case you don't really qualify as a human being.

I have nothing but contempt for people who use 5.56 by choice. The policy that selected that round for our forces did not have the individual shooter's desires in mind. Individual shooters who select that round only proclaim their stupidity to the world and should be prohibited from possessing firearms because of that.

I also have nothing but contempt for the condition of the target rack at the end. Everyone in that video should be assigned ten days of fasting and prayers to atone for their lax targeting rituals. And then another ten days for their disrespect of the flag.

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