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They're just trying to sell coffee.

In 1976 I went to Autzen stadium to watch the fireworks on the 4th. I went up on the backside to smoke a joint, and to the South behind Spencer's Butte there was heat lightning that was more spectacular than the fireworks but completely silent.

There may be more spectacular events in our future:

Originally Posted by Xist
Do you guys think that the slave trade stopped when North America stopped buying?
The Mediterranean and Atlantic slave trade ended when Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S.Navy in.
The hope was it would strangulate slavery in the South, but it took another 50 years and a war.

After decades of repression in North Africa, Barack H. Obama took out Gaddafi and the slave markets opened up again. The loophole nowadays is indentured servitude.

Fat Charlie — Less problems with flag abuse in this one? Because America, That's Why.

Change my, you know, the thing.


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