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Originally Posted by j-c-c View Post
OK then, I'll move on.

But one remark gets my attention:

Seldom do people disagree on actual test results, the devil is in what exactly those test results reveal, and that is often the subject of much contention. Then we add confirmation bias, which is part of human nature, and things get complicated. I like to decide for myself the veracity of what I am told the results reveal.

Don't misunderstand my point here, any tests properly implemented, organized, and shared, are hugely valuable and welcomed.

Yep, I agree.

The thing about most of Julian's testing results is that he gets the objective empirical data, ie the numbers from the gauges, that show what's going on, and he tells others how to replicate his tests so they can test for themselves exactly what he's done; something like scientific peer review that we all can do if we make the effort.

As an example, his Throttle Stop idea is golden. I mean, what could be more simple than to use it to objectively show the effects of windows up / windows down on a car's aerodynamics? It's far superior to the coast-down method; it instantly shows the effects at constantly maintained speeds that we travel at rather than constantly decaying speeds that is less applicable to everyday use. And it can be accomplished repeatedly and constantly within a matter of a few seconds without trying to measure the distance traveled etc. Brilliant.
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