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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The loophole nowadays is indentured servitude.
It's still not unheard of here in Brazil, plus this was the way how so many German, Italian and Japanese immigrants were brought to Brazil. It's often claimed by left-leaning blacks and their allies that European settlers were just given away land in Brazil, but it's not entirely true. Some bought land which was then dirt-cheap deep in the countryside where not even the Indians wanted to settle, while others were enslaved by debt in a way similar to what was done to Chinese and Indian workers in the U.S. and some Caribbean countries. On a sidenote, it's worth to notice the Japanese used to be treated even worse than slaves during WWII. I still remember an old Japanese lady imitating a stereotypical Chinese accent while talking to me 16 years ago as she might have been used to do in the '40s in order to disguise her ethnicity and avoid being lynched because of her race.
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