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The pre-Revolution colonies had indentured servitude. The 'problems' were that the [Irish?] servants were not treated as a non-renewable resource (better to work them into the ground), and if they bolted they were hard to distinguish from the gen pop.
I still remember an old Japanese lady imitating a stereotypical Chinese accent while talking to .... avoid being lynched because of her race.
Time change though, now countries are competing for the Chinese. ...residents of Hong Kong.

UK will give them full citizenship, Oztralia and the USofA want them; even Japan, who have little love since the 1930s, want the financial acumen the 'walking capital' of China's financial gateway to the rest of the World.

TFIglobal: The world has joined hands to decimate the heart of China’s financial might

Change my, you know, the thing.

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