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You want the ones called TEG or Thermo Electric Generator. They're optimized for the Seebeck Effect for generating power from a thermal difference instead of Peltier optimized for generating a thermal difference from power input.

But since TECs get used much more than TEGs, you'll pay more for TEGs.

What I figure could be a good TEG setup for a hybrid, or in place of an alternator (or assist to use a smaller alternator) would be to take a length of square tube to replace a piece of exhaust pipe, mill the outer faces flat then mount a row of TEGs along each face. The outer faces of the TEGs would have long finned aluminum heat sinks across the row. Put a metal box around the assembly with an air inlet tube up to the front of the vehicle.

When the vehicle isn't moving, have a fan blow air through to keep heat from building up too much.
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