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Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
I had to bring a picture to make sure I'm not being treated like a complete idiot because I still cannot believe a manufacturer driven for profit would put this kind of "styling gimmick" at that location.

For the past 5 years I was able to spot these under many Toyota/Lexus on the road like Corolla, Camry, ES350, RX, just to name the ones I've seen a lot.

I understand manufacturers put styling diffusers on the bottom of rear bumper but not under the trunk.

And I mean the 4 "strakes" on the plastic piece covering spare tire bulge not the trailer hitch for those just looking to pick a fight.
Those structures could have something to do with DOT-regulated transverse splash and spray issues and nothing to do with drag.
That entire region is in turbulence, it couldn't possibly function as a drag-reducing diffuser. Any look at Carr's or FIAT's research would tell you that. Just saying.
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