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Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
Are these really just RICE??
(race-inspired cosmetic enhancements)

This is corolla. I only see 2 to the very left of the picture.

This one looks like the back one is probably cosmetic but the under one??

anyone who wishes to see more can google "undercarriage + [model]" themselves.
It's CAFE standards. As corporate average fuel economy standards get more stringent, automakers are forced to clean up their vehicles to shave more and more drag. It's the lowest expense route to higher mpg.
All ICE vehicles are attempting to get as close as they can to the Tesla Model Y, which would be today's benchmark for underbodies.
The Lexus remains a 'faux diffuser' (it's fake) and remains so, even with the brand new 2021 Lexus IS sport sedan. According to the August 2020 MOTORTREND, page 12-13.
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