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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Those structures could have something to do with DOT-regulated transverse splash and spray issues and nothing to do with drag.
That entire region is in turbulence, it couldn't possibly function as a drag-reducing diffuser. Any look at Carr's or FIAT's research would tell you that. Just saying.
I asked if they would be generating vortices in crosswind, not "reduce drag" under any and all circumstances. And please stop repeating "it cannot work in turbulence". I understand that they don't work BEST but that doesn't mean zero. Gortex generating devices can be completely submerged in turbulent air (ideally just below freestream for least drag) and still be functional. Although not as strong as freestream type, it is usually found to be more drag-efficient and stronger vortices are easier to break up so I guess I could see why someone would want a "submerged" VG not freestream VG(like airplane).

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
It's CAFE standards. As corporate average fuel economy standards get more stringent, automakers are forced to clean up their vehicles to shave more and more drag. It's the lowest expense route to higher mpg.
All ICE vehicles are attempting to get as close as they can to the Tesla Model Y, which would be today's benchmark for underbodies.
The Lexus remains a 'faux diffuser' (it's fake) and remains so, even with the brand new 2021 Lexus IS sport sedan. According to the August 2020 MOTORTREND, page 12-13.
Now you think they reduce drag? Make up your mind. CAFE is mostly if not entirely longitudinal drag. I even made a separate reply I don't care about longitudinal drag.

Tesla is irrelevant here because my car's bottom will never become like Model Y. Your answer sounds like an answer that says "Sell it and buy a Porsche" when people ask how to make my Honda Civic a little more fun.

And you keep misunderstanding what I'm referring to. I am very well aware that I don't need someone to repeatedly remind me that these are design features. I hope my post count doesn't make me look THAT stupid.

Even Kias have them.

Can we only talk about the red part?? It's the 3rd time you bring up the yellow part which makes me believe you think I'm a 17 year old thinking his mustang is an aerodynamic marvel because the brochure said so.

Please stay focused or just don't.
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