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Could you fix it up and sell for a profit? I found the window switch and armrest bezel cheaper elsewhere, $40.25 shipped.

Weird. The Corolla ad says that it is cross-posted, but does not show the other posts. I showed Mom on her iPad and I was able to pull up the other posts.

All right. She posted it 21 hours ago. Eight people tagged other people and two people asked how bad the oil leaks, which I also asked, and she did not answer any of us. One person asked what is wrong with it and the owner told her the exact same thing she told me. Three people asked to see it. One person asked about emissions, which we do not have, and if it has a check engine light, which it allegedly doesn't. Then they chatted about how great manual transmissions are, but he doesn't live in the area. Three people just said that they were interested. One person asked if the vehicle just posted was still available.

After five hours the owner responded that she honestly does not know if it is safe for a road trip. I asked when I can see it and she responded that there are a couple of people ahead of me.

Is this a $600 car or are they in a hurry for some reason? KBB says that it is worth $1,276 in fair, $1,528 in good, and $2,006 in excellent condition. If I can fix the things worth fixing and make $500 that would really help me out.

The other thing is that my nephew turns 16 soon and we are convinced that my sister will buy him a car. If I told her that I had a nice-looking Corolla with a clear CarFax, inspected by the dealership, and I was in it for $800, she might pay me something for my effort, and my nephew would have something more reliable than my first car.

We are positive that they would want to spend thousands on him, although neither is working very much right now.

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