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Originally Posted by bobo333 View Post
I havnt really looked into the Rav4 system yet, mainly due to cost.
It's a matter of time until the price decreases, or maybe you could take a look at whatever cheap JDM hybrid stuff you may get an easier access there.

Also ease of conversion, swapping in the prius drivetrain in the manner im imagining would keep all of the standard van driveshafts, mounts, suspension, diffs etc etc, whereas a Rav4 driveline would require all new suspension, subframes, mounts, fuel tank relocation, etc etc
No conversion is absolutely easy at all, plus there were at least one Chevrolet Art-Déco truck rebuilt around a 1st-gen Prius front end and a Pontiac Firebird being rebuilt around the floorpan of a Prius v. Not sure how hard it might be to get a similar conversion registered in Australia though.
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