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Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
First, I am of the opinion that the make and model of tire matters so much more than tire size, that changing tire size isn't worth the cost.

But to address the issue you've raised, a 155/80R13 has an allowable rim width of 4 to 5".
I'm researching the best tire for that. Michelin Energy XM2s or Goodyear Duraplus are on my list currently, Yokohama's Bluearth models too since they are pretty well known for having a balanced ride.

Correct me if I'm wrong, since I emphasize on the ETRTO specified rim width too much may I know what happens when you fit a tire on the widest end of its allowed width? Will have any adverse effects? I know it lessens sidewall flexing, which in turn nets lower LRR. All at the expense of comfort I presume.

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