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Originally Posted by funkhoss View Post
Interesting idea! I'm pretty sure that on the Metro the closed/open loop threshold, once operating conditions for closed loop are met, is based 100% on TPS position vs. RPM (as it is on the Caprice and other ECUs that I'm familiar with). So, it's very likely that the only signal that would need modification is the TPS signal.

The question is: how would so doing affect the engine's operation in other ways?

Ultimately, it would be more about convenience than necessity. It is possible to keep it in closed loop at high load--you just have to be very careful about throttling.

Some engines run without any enrichment, for example the Toyota Prius, or an old Mercedes M119/120 - engine from a certain year on. Issues? Obviously none. I think, this enrichment occurs often too early or too strong. A few years ago, I saw a german examination about exhaust pollutant of modern cars. It shows, that cheaper cars tends to enrich the fuel / air mixture way earlier than expensive cars. I guess, itīs just cheaper, to just enrich it, unstead to estimate, on which rpm or load this enrichment is really necessary.
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