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Originally Posted by Silent Blood View Post
You´re right! But it doesn´t change anything. To be informative, the number of the cars in comparism should be at least similar, to compensate deviations.
The numbers do not need to be equivalent!

They just need to be greater than a certain threshold.

30 or more provides good data.

Here is the Mirage for years 2013 to 2019.

There are now 97 cars in the sample.

The average fuel consumption is now 5.2 l/ 100 km as opposed to 5.1.

There is a caveat here though because the Mirage had a model refresh in 2017 and the aero was not as good as the earlier cars.

Here is the data for the 1.0 for years 2013 to 2015.

The average fuel consumption is 4.83 l/100 km compared with 5.1 l/100km for the 1.2. This is 5% less fuel consumed per 100 km.

This is actually the 2nd most efficient non hybrid car that I have been able to find on Sprit.

The Mirage 1.2 is the most efficient non hybrid 1.2 or greater car.
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