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Make a Vacuum Pump from a Bike Pump

My brother asks for Domino's every Friday. Mom used to buy me Little Caesar's although she denied any relationship between the quality of the pizza and how much she liked each son. However, I started buying myself stuffed crust pizza and never went back. When they stopped selling it I stopped buying completely. It was back for a little while and then they killed it again.

Now they have stuffed bread. Yay.

I wasn't too worried about dinner tonight. I still haven't worked on my car today, but at least I finally went to Walmart for something that I needed [and happened to remember something else, but not Mom's popcorn, so I went back, and when I returned to my car I saw that she also wanted cherries, so I went in for the third time].

However, I realized that Mom still has not air fried with her $250 air fryer, so I started looking into it. I only looked at one recipe, but it called for marinating.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I know of two ways of accelerating marinating: Pressure-cooking and vacuum-sealing. My pressure cooker no longer holds pressure.

I should look into that!

It was messy, though. This didn't happen, but it was inevitable!

I have long wanted a vacuum pump and chamber for... stuff. [Can you form concrete in a vacuum? Can you mix concrete without stirring in a vacuum? If I put my heater core and water in a large enough chamber, will it help me find leaks?] I am sure that you can use a Harbor Freight vacuum pump for food, but I cannot find anything.

Is it food safe? Since it is extracting air I am unconcerned.

Why not use a commercial vacuum sealer?

Walmart has three in-stock that look like laminators, which are not ideal according to what I read, and they have a $25 one that needs to charge for 24 hours before use.

That doesn't work either!

I found this: He installed a Schrader valve in a jar lid, removed the stem, and replaced it with a BB.

Can you just buy one BB?! I don't need two!

That doesn't seem great. I can wash the Schrader valve and BB, but is that really food safe? Do I install a valve in the lid for each jar from which I want to pull vacuum?

That is not a good solution, but I ran across that idea from the comments section for this: "The Alvin" Vacuum Sealer
You'll need:
1) A brake bleeder/vacuum pump from Harbor Freight (cost=$19.99).
2) A Tila FoodSaver mason jar adapter (I bought mine from Bass Pro Shop for $9.99).
3) A clean empty mason jar with a new lid. You can get these from WalMart or some grocery or hardware stores. Or ask your grandmother for one. doesn't show a coupon, so here is the current 20% off deal. With the coupon it would be $20.
Not only can I not find a jar sealer nearby, I can hardly find one on-line! Only FoodSaver has it in-stock, but their add to cart button doesn't add to my cart. Not on Brave, Chrome, Internet Explorerk Opera or Vivaldi. I tried on my laptop, desktop, and phone, I allowed cookies and created an account. It wasn't until I used Mom's iPad that I was able to add it to my cart, but I couldn't buy, although it showed up in my cart on my phone, so I purchased there.
It went from $10 plus $8.50 shipping to $16.21 taxed. It won't be here for a week. The only reason that I went ahead is because of how difficult it is to find them. Maybe you could buy 5 and sell them on eBay!

So, if you want a vacuum pump\sealer for projects, here are a couple of ways to modify one cheaply and easily!

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